Raising awareness and making a difference.

As an intuitive empath, Melina strives to make a positive difference in the world.

Through everyday life, the people she meets, friends and family, there is always a willingness to reach out, listen and support those around her.

Melina has worked with charities and non for profit organisations, across the mental health sector, supporting animal welfare groups and advocating for woman’s rights.

Melina has donated artwork for charity auctions, volunteered her time to feed the homeless and has raised funds through online initiatives for a variety of causes. This is what warms her heart and gives her a sense of purpose.

Doing the right thing

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation

The ’Love & Unity’ art fundraiser was a campaign aimed to educate her audience about the importance of visual storytelling. The posters raised funds to directly supported the publishing of books written by communities, for communities, in languages of their choice. 

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Mindfull Aus Charity GALA

A night of celebration & purpose. Melina was invited to create a meaningful, original painting that was auctioned off, raising funds for mental health services. 'Internal Storms', is an artwork that explores emotive themes of internal struggles. A fusion of expressive abstraction and realism - a surreal dark portrait.

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Celebrating the 150th Anniversary with the rare sculptural art exhibition and auction at the RSPCA. Melina was chosen to participate in ‘The Wombat In The Room’ event. In her minimal black and white style, she highlighted a message of animal cruelty in a contrasting light, highlighting an important message - that animal cruelty still exists. The sculpture was sold to the highest bidder.

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Wildlife Victoria

Australia lost half a billion animals and 15 million hectares of land during the 2020 Bush fires. With a deep desire to help, Melina created the ‘Koala in Safe Hands’ illustration, raising funds for Wildlife Victoria. Which helped assist the rebuild of habitats and provided on going care.

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