Intuitive line art workshops

An Introduction

Finding your creative voice by tapping into ‘the flowstate’. Discover the power of self-expression through writing, sketchbook exploration, linework and abstract art.

Melina was invited to teach her own unique worskhop in a corporate setting at The Commons in Cremorne. The intimate workshop allowed participants to immerse themselves in their own journey, forging a profound connection between body and mind while trusting their intuition.

The Vision

Creating a relaxing, ambient atmosphere that embodies a welcoming, safe space for participants to create meaningful and personal artwork. The experience is all about letting go of preconceived notions and embracing the creative process.

The Outcome

During the event, each participant exercised their creative freedom, using traditional pens, ink, and brushes to craft unique masterpieces. The final artworks were carefully framed and taken home by their creators. 

Throughout this immersive experience, attendees learned the art of being fully present in the moment, cultivating a deep level of concentration that led to creative freedom, enhanced well-being, and newfound clarity and focus. These invaluable skills, acquired during the workshop, continue to enrich the everyday lives of those who participated, fostering a lasting sense of creativity, mindfulness, and inspiration.