Welcome to the world of MELINART

pronounced (Meh-leen-art) 

A fusion and loving clash between Melina and her Art.

A safe place to be indulged and connected.

A home to unique artwork, homewares and everything in between.

Visual Storyteller. Artist. Illustrator. Designer.

About Melina McGough

Melbourne based visual storyteller, Melina McGough is known for her uninhibited flow of creativity in her boundless exploration of human identity.

Expressive, eccentric and edgy, she creates new connections between fine art, design and philosophy as she explores themes such as identity, wellbeing, love and escapism.

Art is my outlet, it has no boundaries

Using the power of artistry as a form of storytelling

She reminds her audience that they are not alone, and invites them to connect with their inner world and express their eccentricities.

Melina uses mixed media, primarily ink, acrylic paint, markers and pencils. She loves exploring new teqniques and adding texture or unique elements to artwork.

With a Bachelor of Communication Design, Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design and Fashion Design, and study at Politechinio di Milano, Italy under her John Story Jnr Memorial scholarship (RMIT), today Melina is also well-sought after for notable brand collaborations and charity ventures with partners who wish to create meaningful, value-aligned connections with their audiences.  

Get to know Melina

I’ve been drawing since I was a little girl. For me, it was a form of escapism. To escape the hardships and realities of life. It was my safe space where I could disconnect from the outside world and process my feelings safely with no judgement or consequence.

With expression, comes strength. I understand the power of that now. In high school, I was bullied and felt like an outcast. I was always in the art room at lunchtime; writing, drawing, painting something. Looking back now, I realise that so much of what I would create was my own way of expressing how much I desired connection; to be heard, to be seen, to be understood. Today, I use art to invite others to explore their own vulnerabilities and embrace the eccentricities that make them unique. 

I always wanted to do something creative that’s why I explored fashion for some years, however, learning about the industry and the prevalence of sweatshops, I knew I couldn’t pursue a career that felt innately opposite to my core values. I am conscious of my impact and recycling. I think about the world around me. I want people to live in harmony with the world and others. This is part of the ethos I’ve built into Melinart; I use recycled paint, materials and brushes as often as possible.