Soul Made

Melinart – the home of Melina McGough:

Visual Storyteller. Artist. Illustrator. Designer.

Soulful expressions that are a meaningful manifestation of the human emotional experience. 

Signature Collections

Minimalistic and eclectic lifestyle pieces ranging from original artwork, prints and homewares. 


Brand Collaborations

Product design collaborations, and
immersive designs to support events,
campaigns, product launches
and PR/Marketing initiatives.



Wall murals, custom artwork and live
illustrations that bring stories to life.


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Meet Melina McGough

Melbourne Artist, Illustrator and Designer. Possessing the ability to see, feel and express—with eccentricity—the realities of the human emotional experience. Melina’s intention is to inspire strength and authentic expression in a world needing genuine connection, with an uncompromised commitment to style and sustainability. 

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