An original painting donated and auctioned live for mental health charity

AGL presents the 2nd Annual Charity Mindfull Aus Gala Ball

An unforgettable evening with motivational speakers, inspiring stories, Melbourne’s best live entertainment, a candlelight atmosphere with a lavish three course meal and a memorabilia auction.

The Gala Ball directly supported the roll out of education through the ‘Healthier Hearts and Lighter Minds’ program in early education.

Melina was invited to create a meaningful, original painting that would be auctioned off to raise funds for the program.

The Vision

Melina created a personal painting, that explores themes associated with her internal struggles. Influenced and formed her emotions during the creative process. A fusion of expressive abstraction and realism - a surreal dark portrait.

Internal Storms

Original Painting on Canvas
Mixed media, 91cm x 122cm

‘Internal Storms’ is a visual representation of suppressed emotions and feelings. An invisible battle brought to the surface - a conflicted mind overflowing through self. The artwork honours vulnerability through self expression.

The striking painting connected with many people on a deep level. It was subjective, as the interpretation of its meaning were slightly differently per viewer as it was influenced by individual personal experiences, feelings and what they saw. It evoked emotion, and created a safe place for discussions.

The process

Melina starting off by burning a sage smudge stick to cleanse the space and allowing calm energy to flow. Then scratched it onto the canvas (like charcoal). Followed by brushing on acrylic paint with a range of different brushes, melancholy tones and finished with written words outlining the figure.

The Outcome

The Mindfull Gala event raised over $106k for mental health support services. 
The original painting was sold during the live action to the highest bidder