Celebrating the 150th Anniversary with the rare sculptural art exhibition & auction at the RSPCA

The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is an independent, community-based charity and the leading source of animal welfare that works to influence policy, practice and legislation in Australia. 

Melina was chosen to participate in ‘The Wombat In The Room’ art exhibition for the 150th Anniversary event. A large engraved sculpture was painted and put on display, the aim is to raise awareness and funds through the live auction.

The Vision

The exhibition is a way of storytelling through art, showcasing creative expression and stimulating conversations. It's purpose is to highlighti an important message - that animal cruelty still exists.

Melina's wombat sculpture was sold at the auction to the highest bidder.


Mixed media, 150cm x 85cm, 7kg

Highlighting animal cruelty in a contrasting light. Two sides, two stories, two voices. Depicting the dark (trauma, neglect) and light (happiness, love), using weatherproof exterior paints.

Gumnuts and leaves were collected, which were painted then added to the sculpture, reinforcing the natural environment as well as a black footprint, giving it a life-like feeling. With the intention to suit most homes with its minimal black and white aesthetic, it can be displayed either side to show a different look and perspective.

"The event was successful, wholesome and heartfelt, the speakers were inspirational, the space was filled with a huge crowd of animal lovers and art enthusiasts. I’m so grateful that I can use my creative skills to make a positive impact."