The brand: Vogue

Vogue's Fashion Night Out – A personalised guest experience for Australia's biggest fashion event


The Brief

Vogue’s Fashion Night Out is fashions biggest event in Melbourne and Sydney; it brings the CBDs to life with an extensive program of live runways, fashion Q&A’s, activations and experiences. Melina was invited to perform live illustrations for the guests to capture their own style.

The Vision

Guests were immersed in Melina’s creative world, as she depicted their unique style through sketches using ink, Copic markers and coloured pencils. Within five to ten minutes, each guest received a gift-wrapped portrait of themselves to take home as a token of memorabilia.

Love being immersed in the fashion world

The Outcome

Melina provided a personalised experience and engaging form of entertainment for guests, onlookers and shoppers. As each portrait was drawn on branded card, the brand awareness was heightened as each guest was inspired to share their personalised drawings on social media.