The brand: Adobe

Melina led the Women’s History Month campaign across Adobe’s platforms


The Brief

Melina was invited to lead the campaign, as a chosen influencer that was recognised as shattering stereotypes by making waves in the creative industry.

The three month campaign on Adobe’s social media channels involved creating an original painting, showcasing her artistic talent and documenting her experiences as a woman in the arts industry, whilst showcasing her use of Adobe tools and software.

The theme for Adobe’s Women’s History Month Campaign was #WomenCreate – celebrating the endless and empowering creativity of women around the world, and promoting the importance of women sharing what they know and what they are learning with each other as part of the “Womentorship” initiative.

"It’s about being self-aware, knowing your worth, being confident and comfortable in your own skin. It’s also about strength of character, having social awareness and being that friend for others who'll always have their back."

The Vision

The personal painting is filled with imagery, words, symbols of unity, strength and a bold feminine power. Visually captivating, Melina’s signature style shines through, with the use of minimalistic linework and an expressive sensibility. The artwork invited viewers to look into themselves, feel connected and be inspired. The video was filmed in Melina’s natural environment, her studio space, capturing her thoughts, ideas and the creative process.

As an advocate for women’s empowerment, Melina recognises Women’s History Month as an opportunity to collectively look back, reflect and celebrate the achievements and milestones of women over the years.

The Outcome

Creating discussions and raising awareness within the community

– Introduction video and Q&A for Adobe’s Instagram story

– A documentary video featured on Adobe’s YouTube channel

– Original painting 3cm x 2.5m acrylic on canvas

– Photography featured on Adobe’s social platforms

– Blog interview on 'Abode Create'