Educational illustrations for The ‘Walk with Care’ Pedestrian Safety Campaign

The Brief

The TAC (Transport Accident Commission) wanted to leverage the attention and reach of multiple government sponsored public events happening in and around Melbourne across a 6-month period, including Melbourne Fashion Week, Lunar New Year, The Melbourne International Comedy Festival and more.

Gemba commissioned local Melbourne artist Melina McGough to create custom illustrations to tease each partnership as well as educate pedestrians and encourage them to be safe event goers. These illustrations became the focus of communications displayed at high traffic city intersections, transit OOH placements, convenience advertising and digital.

The Vision

The idea for each design was inspired by the respective showcased events. Keeping in theme with the ‘Walk with Care’ message, Melina created illustrations that focused on legs to promote safe walking around Melbourne streets.

Each illustration embodied elements and characteristics of each event. A cohesive design style is seen throughout, with each illustration having a free flowing, light-hearted, relatable sensibility without losing the sense of warning that was necessary for the project.

The illustrations were carefully designed and considered to fit appropriately within the composition of each shape, having the main headline and text clearly legible.

The Outcome

Digital Illustrations for seven events, including finished art files for digital advertising as well as printing for decal and posters.

– Melbourne Fashion Week

– New Years Eve

– Comedy Festival

– Moomba


– Luna New Year


"We approached Melina for this job because we love her illustrative style. The designs she created reinforced the messaging and they brought the campaign to life. Couldn't be happier with the results."

Boyd Hicklin
Gemba | Executive Creative Director