The brand: Meshki

An illustrative campaign to embrace the diversity of women for the launch of ‘Meshki Intimates’


The Brief

Meshki Intimates is a Sydney based lingerie brand with the mission to empower women worldwide to be confident, ambitious and unstoppable. As part of their launch collection campaign, they requested a series of illustrative drawings capturing the details of their new pieces for use across website and social media.

The Vision

Melina imagined how each intricate piece would fit on a woman’s body to accentuate her curves and activate her sensuality whilst illustrating.

An inslusive and diverse brand

The Outcome

The hand-drawn fashion sketches of the intimate details of each piece were brought to life with pencil and ink, alongside annotated notes. The vision was to create the impression of a lingerie designer’s drawings whilst in the design studio.

The six product illustrations and group illustration for the marketing campaign were featured across social media accounts, promotional material and EDMs, with raving reviews.