Celebrating Australia's multicultural history & culture with Live art for the 'Long Room’ launch

The Brief

The Immigration Museum in Melbourne is the perfect place to learn about Australia and its diverse cultural identity, history and immigration. 

Melina was invited to be a live portrait illustrator at the opening night of the upgraded Immigration Museum event. This was the official launch of the ‘Long Room’; an opulent space ideal for gala dinners, cocktail events and weddings.

The Vision

The entire vision for the event was to create awareness of the new space, in a grand, sophisticated and respectful light. The 250 exclusive attendees invited were invited to meet Melina and have their very own portraits illustrated.

This was a memorable night

The Outcome

It was a night of celebration. Throughout the event, each guest that was illustrated received their very own portraiture artwork as a token of memorabilia to commemorate the occasion.

Melina used tradition mediums; pencil, ink pens and copic markers for a timeless aesthetic. The artwork was packaged with a thick backing card then enclosed in a clear plastic pocket for protection.